International Workshop on Marketing Research in the Digital Age (MR2017)

July 14-16, 2017 at Bali, Indonesia (Submission deadline: April 15, 2017.)

MR2017 Markeitng Research 2017 aims to serve as a platform for marketing researchers to publish and share their research outcome as well as research idea. The marketing activities have been dramatically changed due to the popularity of Internet usage. A significant amount of Internet application, such as electronic commerce, social network, mobile application, sharing economic activities, and many others, have changed the way we do marketing activities. The MR2017 International Workshop on Marketing Research in the Digital age emphasizes on the “new face” of marketing research in the digital age and cyber world.

The MR 2017 aims to provide a platform for marketing researchers to share their research out as well as research idea with others. MR2017 particularly welcome marketing research articles with internet relative topics. Other marketing topics and consumer research articles are also welcome. MR2017 is co-locate with NETs2017 International conference on Internet Studies as a part of NETs2017 conference. NETs2017 is a series of conferences in its 8th year that focus on fostering Internet relative research.

MR2017 aims to serve as a platform for sharing research idea and research outcome. Full text manuscript, work-in-progress manuscript, research proposal, and extended abstract are all welcome.

MR2017 is open to manuscript on all marketing topics, although it encourage marketing research of Internet relative topics.

The deadline for all submissions is April 15, 2017. To submit your manuscript, please go to:

Submissions should not already be published in any journal.

Workshop Tracks

  • Advertising, Brand, and marketing communication
  • Consumer Behavior and Online Consumer Behavior
  • Internet Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Social Media
  • New Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Services Marketing, Sports Marketing, and Leisure Marketing
  • Green Marketing

Authors have the option of publishing the full paper or only an extended abstract (1-3 pages) in the proceedings. At least one author should register for and appear to present the work. 


MR2017 is sponsored by Taiwan Marketing Research Association. (